Robin Hood & The Dame of Thrones

A tale of love, greed, silly hats, sharp sticks and really bad poetry.


The Sheriff of Nottingham – Norton Theatre Group

The wicked Sheriff of Nottingham has kidnapped the beautiful Maid Marion and plans to force her to marry him. He and his evil mother devise a devilish plan to win the local archery competition, by cheating of course, to become rich and powerful and take over the throne of England.


Kipper and Leech -Norton Theatre Group


Only Robin Hood, aided by his friends from the forest, Little John, Alan O Dale, Friar Tuck and the voluptuous Nora Knotty can save the day, or can they?


Suitable for a cast of approx 12, plus chorus/villagers
Edits, rewrites and updates to suit your company available upon request.


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A short sample of this script can
be downloaded here – RH sample.


More pics from Norton Theatre Groups production of this script can be found here.