Peter Pan

peter pan 2

Smee, Noodler, Hook and Mullins in Norton Theatre Groups Peter Pan.

Peter Pan the Panto, full of thrills and spills, fighting and biting, fun and laughter and just like Peter Pan himself, some of the jokes never get old.

Wendy and her brothers are invited to Neverland by the legendary Peter Pan and the mischievous Tinkerbelle where they meet the lost boys, are kidnapped, do battle with Hook and his hapless pirate crew, meet the natives and mermaids and have loads of adventures along the way.

More pics from Norton Theatre Groups production of this script can be found here.

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50% of the fee paid to ‘Moldiwarts Scripts’ for this version of the story will be donated to the charity.

Please note – a licence to perform the story of Peter Pan must also be obtained from Great Ormond Street .

Suitable for a cast of approx 12, plus chorus/villagers
Edits, rewrites and updates to suit your company available upon request.

e.mail or for a FREE perusal copy.