Free Advertising with Moldiwarts

Are you a supplier of scenery or costumes for performance and theatre?


a) To support the theatre community and create a directory of suppliers and rental companies.
b) To blatantly encourage more visitors to the site (at least I’m honest).

There is no charge for this. It’s free. All I need is the name / web address of where you sell and a few words saying what you sell (eg. Dames wigs, Sound equipment, back drops etc.). Potential customers will then click on your link and hopefully buy your stuff.

All I ask that you add my link onto your page in return.

Drop me a link and I’ll make a start.

Still Time To Get Your 2018/2019 Pantomime Script

Summer may nearly be over, but there is still time to find that perfect Pantomime script.
Here at Moldiwarts, I have NINE scripts available, from the traditional standards of Cinderella and Aladdin, to the classics of Beauty and the Beast and Jack and The Beanstalk, to the family favorites of Goldilocks and Peter Pan, all the way back to the madcap medieval England romps of Robin Hood and Camelot.
(All scripts have a great value ‘all-in’ purchase / licence fee of £120 and basic rewrites to suit your group.)
Email for you free perusal copy or go to the contact page.

tile poster

It’s Summertime

sunThe sun is shining, the BBQ is going nicely, there’s cold beer in the fridge and I’m sat outside in my shorts. It can only mean thing …
Panto season is only 5 months away.
Still looking for that perfect script? Moldiwarts Scripts has a selection of traditional and not so traditional pantomime stories ready to send to you right now to peruse.
Video rights included.
Free basic rewrites to suit your group.
Access to bonus material (alt. song lyrics, sfx etc)
Right, time to go. The sausages are done.
I look forward to hearing from you.

The Vault is Being Stocked

There is a new feature on the Moldiwarts site. The Vault is a page that will be made available to anyone who purchases a licence to one of my scripts. It will contain…

  • Sound SFX from some of the shows I have been involved with.
  • Alternative Lyrics to popular songs.
  • Jokes that I have not had a chance to use yet (and some I have).
  • … more

If your group is using one of my scripts, I will send you a password for this page.

Jack & The Beanstalk

Just done a bit of an update of this script.
Jack Logo
The heartless landlord Edward Victor wants the rent off Dame Dolly Diddly. With no money she tells her son Jack to sell their last possession, Daisy the Cow. Exchanging Daisy for a handful of beans sets the scene for a wild adventure where Jack has to rescue the love of his life from the bad tempered Giant, his french chef and housekeeper and save the village.

1 x low flat fee for performances for small/medium amateur/community groups. Video rights included. Basic rewrites available to suit your needs, as part of the service.

I also do poster & flyer design and printing. Amazing prices if you use my script (and pretty good even if you don’t)

contact me for info and for pricing