cinderella 4

Jo Howe and Laura Deacon as Buttons and Cinderella. Performed by Norton Theatre Group

The classic story of rags to riches. Cinderella is a down-trodden Barons daughter who dreams of finding true love at The Royal Ball. The Prince is looking for a bride. The ugly sisters are looking for cake. 

Featuring all the regular characters – Cinderella, Buttons, Prince Charming, Dandini, Ugly Sisters, Baron Hardup, Lady Hardup and The Fairy Godmother. It also features regular appearances from comedy duo Jack and Jill, Dancer (pantomime horse) and a talking Bush.

A sample of this script can be downloaded from CINDERELLA SAMPLE.

cinderella 1

Pete Richmond and Paul Jones as the Ugly Sisters in Cinderella, performed by Norton Theatre Group

Suitable for a cast of approx 12, plus chorus/villagers
Edits, rewrites and updates to suit your company available upon request.


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