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Aladdin has been performed by All Sorts of Performing Arts

Brothers Abanaza and Ali trick Aladdin in trying to retrieve to the magic lamp, but things do not go to plan.  Aladdin uses the lamp to help win the love of the beautiful Princess, and avoid the wrath of the evil Grand Vizier and the overzealous police officer No Pah Kin. He is ‘aided’ by his mother Widow Twanky, his brother Wishie Washie and has magical assistance in the form of the informative Genie Of The Ring and the powerful Genie of The Lamp.

pantoFeaturing all the regular characters – Aladdin, Wishie Washie Widow Twanky, Abanaza and his brother Ali, The Vizier, The King, The Policeman and of course, the beautiful Princess. as well The Genie of The Ring and The Genie Of The Lamp

Suitable for a cast of approx 12, plus chorus/villagers
Edits, rewrites and updates to suit your company available upon request.

Read a short sample of this script – ALADDIN

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