Just finished re-writes and updates on this version of the classic story. Now even more jam packed with jokes, one liners and slapstick scenes.Aladdin logo

The evil Abanaza needs Aladdin to retrieve a family heirloom (he’s not sure who’s family it belongs to, though) from a magical cave. Aladdin finds the magic lamp and gets trapped in the cave but is rescued by his mother Widow Twanky, his brother Wishie Washie and the informative Bing, the genie of the ring.

Determined to marry The beautiful Princess Saleha, Aladdin tries to impress the Sultan, but his aide, The Grand Vizier and the determined police chief No Pah Kin have other ideas.

Evil thwarting, a gallant rescue and lots of magical shenanigans ensure that this is fun, action packed and magical pantomime.

Hilarious, jam packed with one liners, #slapstick scenes, chorus lines, jokes, great characters, witty dialog and fun.

1 x low flat fee for performances for small/medium amateur/community groups. Video rights included. Basic rewrites available to suit your needs, as part of the service.

I also do poster & flyer design and printing. Amazing prices if you use my script (and pretty good even if you don’t)

contact me for info and for pricing



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